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Do you or someone you know need products like food, hygiene supplies, and clothing but cannot afford them? You may qualify for the Albertus Project to pay for the items needed. To apply, please fill out this needs form with your donation request and we will try our best to fulfill your request.


At present, there are a large number of people in the United States who not only cannot pay for their medication-assisted treatment (MAT) but are unable to pay for transportation in order to get to their clinics or doctors to obtain their medicine. Knowing how important MAT is to the community, the Albertus Project is paying for medication, therapy, and transportation in states including Virginia, Texas, Alabama, and West Virginia. Need access to transportation and/or your medication and can’t afford it? Fill out this need form here. To apply, please fill out this needs form with your request.

The Albertus Project is certified by the Virginia Department of Health to operate a comprehensive harm reduction program which enables us to distribute the life-saving medication, naloxone, in VA. The Albertus Project is also working within communities in Canada and the US to provide harm reduction supplies including fentanyl test strips, oxygen oximeters, and wound care to those in need. Get your free narcan mailed to you by filling out this needs form.

Did you know that there is a therapy that exists that both increases your overall well-being (as a loved one of someone who has a substance use disorder) and can increase the chances of your loved one entering treatment? It’s true – welcome to learning about Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). CRAFT has a 70% success rate in empowering your loved one to seek treatment. However, money is often a barrier to access this fantastic treatment. If you are looking to obtain CRAFT therapy for free please fill out this needs form. 

We have held numerous book clubs with fantastic authors in the addiction space to include Maia Szalavitz and David Poses. Stay tuned for the announcement of our next book club!

Tapping Into The Human (TITH) is a podcast on addiction, recovery and mental health. Each week, listeners will hear powerful stories from people about their journey with recovery and be inspired by individuals and organizations that are leading the charge in decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. Listen to TITH on any of your streaming platforms.